Round washer head screw for steel plate (low head) max 2 X 0.7 MM

  • Function: Round washer head screw with low head and our patented TRUSTGO design. The screw has a straight tip and double thread groove that grip immediately and goes through the steel plate without forming any steel chips. The design of the double thread groove provides a stable assembly with high pull-out value.
  • Track type bit: Philips 2.
  • Material: Case hardened steel.
  • Coating: Phosphated, for indoor use.
  • Installation instructions: A power screwdriver with a speed of 2,000-3,000 rpm is recommended.
Unit Guide
D Diameter
D1 Outer diameter
G Thread length
H Head diameter
L Length
M Thickness
MB Mother box
Drill cap. mm Drill capacity mm
Max comp. thick. app. mm Max component thickness application mm
Min. drill depth mm Minimum drill depth mm
Screw dim. mm Screw dimension mm
Surface treat. Surface treatment
D L H G E-number Quantity Pack. MB
4 13 7.6 13 7014 22000 Bulk pack
4 13 7.6 13 7114 1533438 1000 Packaging 12
4 13 7.6 13 7914 1533439 250 Packaging 40
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