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Västsvensk Byggskruv AB was founded in 1984. Since then, the company has been continually growing and is today considered one of the market leaders in Sweden. VSB’s goal is to provide the highest quality products on the field with a high level of punctuality in terms of delivery deadlines. We are continuously working on product development and quality monitoring where identifying time-minimising and work-saving innovations is the objective.

Quality policy

VSB is an ISO 9001 certified company that aims to deliver top-quality screws and attachments. To be in a position to manage fast deliveries and avoid back orders we must hold large volumes in stock and, in the eyes of the customer, be the supplier with the most comprehensive knowledge about attachments.

In order to attain this goal, we have a well-functioning quality system in place. In the quality policy, we always highlight that we employ qualified staff with extensive product knowledge and close working relationships with our subcontractors. We also work fastidiously on product development as well as on continuous improvements within the company. All of this to ensure the customer remains in focus and their preferences are taken into account.

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Environmental policy

VSB is ISO 14001 certified and has its own environmental policy prepared in house, which means that we must assume our environmental responsibility in full and continuously strive to minimise the company's environmental impact.

The way to get there, by way of example, is observing all of the environmental laws and regulations that the company is affected by. But also by constantly improving and streamlining our environmental work. It is equally important that the environmental policy is available to our customers, suppliers and the general public, as it is for all VSB employees to be well aware of the contents of the environmental policy..

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VSB's goal is to provide full-scale support to our distributors. Through close contact and personal service, you will always receive direct and accurate answers to your questions and issues, such as advice and recommendations for selecting attachments and assortments or assistance with the internal training of shop staff.

As a Wilma-certified supplier, we ensure good order when it comes to our price and article files. Here you will find information about our products, product images, construction products, performance declarations, safety data sheets, etc. In order to better satisfy and meet our customers' needs and requirements, we produce and customise product folders, advertisements and marketing material.

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VSB specialises in screws and attachments, primarily for construction, carpentry, electricity and HVAC. We deal with the iron and steel products trade among others, and engage specially selected wholesalers. Over the years, we have developed and produced a number of brand names that we are particularly proud of.


VSB is the principal brand for everything the company does. It is marketed on objects like cartons and in advertisements aimed at customers, suppliers and end users. VSB, which is an abbreviation of the company's legal name Västsvensk Byggskruv AB, has become more famous as a brand than our company name has.


Turbo Trallskruv® and Turbo Spånskruv® have been fitted with a cutting drill tip, as well as oblique flanks between the threads delivering unique screwing properties. This geometry has been patented and is thereby exclusive to the company.


Jetting Screws® is a wood screw series with unique screwing features. These have been achieved by providing the screws with a cutting drill tip as well as with oblique and longitudinal flanks between the threads. The Jetting Screws series is today made up of six different types of wood screws, and the design has also been used on other selected products.


This brand includes inspection hatches to cover all needs, tastes and requirements.  Thonic® is an inspection hatch that stands out as having the simplest and fastest installation on the market.


Zincotech®Au and Zincotech®Ag are trademarks of the surface treatments VSB has chosen to work with for virtually all of its external screw applications. Surface treatments are approved for Corrosivity Class C4 (RISE report SP PX14769).


Bygglådan® is designed and tailored to combine with VSB's entire product range within screws and attachments. The Bygglådan’s intelligent design and the overview the box provides, makes the craftsman’s daily work so much easier.


TRUSTGO® is the trademark of our new patented design.

A unique double thread groove with a straight tip that grip immediately in the steel plate. The screw drills through the steel plate without forming any steel chips and provides a high pull-out value and stable assembly. The design of the double thread groove also makes the assembly resists vibrations in a good way.

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Here at VSB's plant in Brämhult, Borås, millions of screws are packed every day. Simply because we now pack all of the screws ourselves, we have reduced long-haul shipments from Asia by 25-30 per cent – to the great benefit of our environment.

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