Turbo Trallskruv

Turbo Trallskruv – a patented and type-approved product

The Turbo decking screw is especially suitable for installing decking, balconies, bridges, fences etc and comes in three versions: Zincotech Au type approved for corrosion class C4, stainless steel (A2) and stainless steel (A4).

The unique tightening features of the screws have been achieved by providing the screws with a cutting drill tip, as well as with oblique and longitudinal flanks between the threads. This geometry is unique and patented and provides the following properties:

  • Less risk of cracks in wood
  • Lower torque when tightening
  • Less screwing time


Zincotech surface finishes

Turbo Trallskruv External is surface treated with Zincotech®Au. A surface treatment that ensures extremely reliable corrosion resistance in tough environments, as well as against the wood impregnation agents contained in pressure impregnated wood.

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