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At VSB we always endeavour to achieve high quality, especially when it comes to data protection and personal privacy. To give you peace of mind and to help you understand how we collect and use personal data, you have access to our privacy policy. The policy describes your rights and how you can apply them. Still have questions?

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VSB Integritetspolicy

Parties and responsibilities for the processing of your personal data

Västsvensk Byggskruv AB, Corporate ID no.: 556243-3440, address: Vävlagargatan 7, SE-507 30 Brämhult (hereinafter referred to as VSB) is the personal data controller responsible for the processing of personal data that takes place within the framework of the company’s business operations.

At VSB we protect personal privacy and always strive for a high level of data protection. We explain how we collect and use personal data in this privacy policy. It also describes your rights and how you can apply them. It is vital that you read and understand the privacy policy, and feel reassured when it comes to our processing of your personal data. You are always welcome to get in touch if you have any questions.

Why do we process your personal data?

For the company to conduct its business operations, personal data is processed for a range of purposes associated with the business.

We collect company information and personal data in order to comply with the customer agreement we have entered, and due to legal requirements, such as our accounting and tax liability. Keeping in mind the balancing of interests, we also collect company information and personal data for information and marketing purposes in order to communicate details such as the right information to the right person in your organisation by telephone, text message, post and e-mail and so that we can visit you and deliver the goods ordered.

Collection of web statistics

VSB uses cookies from Google Analytics for

A cookie is a small text file sent to you and saved on your computer, telephone or tablet when you visit our site. There are two types of cookies – permanent and temporary (session cookies). Permanent cookies are stored until you or the server that sent them deletes them. Session cookies are temporary and disappear once you close your browser.

We use cookies on to be able to:

  • View information such as visitor statistics
  • Identify which operating systems are being used
  • See which browsers are being used
  • Study how the different sections of the website are used by our visitors

We do not use cookies to analyse how you as a person use the site at an individual level. The cookie does not contain any personal data, but only helps us identify you as a user on the website. If you do not want to allow cookies to be stored on your computer, you can easily turn off, block, and remove stored cookies by updating your browser’s settings. No cookies will then be stored.

With whom do we share personal data?

We always strive for your personal data to be processed within the EU/EEA, which is why all of our own IT systems are based in this geographical area. However, in terms of systematic support and maintenance, we may have to transfer the information to a non-EU/EEA country, for example if we share your personal data with a personal data processor who, either internally or through a subcontractor, is established or stores information in a non-EU/EEA country. In these cases, the processor may only share the information relevant to the purpose (such as log files).

What legal basis do we have for personal data processing?

We collect corporate information and personal data that you send to us, for example: when you become a customer with us; when you place orders and enter into an agreement with us; when you contact support or customer service; when answering e-mails and response cards, or when seeking a job with us. As we mainly work with you as entrepreneurs, we chiefly collect general business information such as company name, corporate identity number, telephone number and address. These are not classed as personal data (unless you engage in private dealings) and are not covered by GDPR.

The legal basis for processing the above-mentioned personal data is essentially a legal obligation, but may also require a balancing of interests approach, for example when you contact us as a non-customer.

For how long do we save your personal data?

VSB will carry out an annual assessment if the purpose for processing your personal data is extended. Unless the purpose for processing your personal data is extended, the data will be deleted.

What are your rights?

You are entitled to receive a registry extract from VSB’s processing of your personal data. VSB must provide you with a copy of the personal data being processed following a request for a registry extract. For any additional copies that you request, VSB may charge a reasonable fee based on administrative costs.

You are entitled to have your personal data corrected if it is erroneous, incomplete or misleading and may restrict the processing of your personal data until it is updated.

Your profile may be deleted under certain circumstances:

  • If the information is no longer required for the purposes for which it was collected.
  • If the processing is based on your consent and you revoke such consent.
  • If the processing is for direct marketing purposes and you oppose the processing of the data.
  • If you oppose personal data processing being used within the brief of an authority or after a balancing of interests, and there are no legitimate reasons that weigh heavier than your interests
  • If personal data has been processed illegally
  • If deletion is required to satisfy a legal obligation
  • If the personal data refers to a minor and was collected when the minor created a social media profile

You are also entitled to withdraw your consent, oppose automatic decision-making, profiling and object to direct marketing.

You may exercise your rights by requesting access to and the correction or deletion of personal data, requesting processing restrictions or objecting to processing at any time. Contact VSB to exercise your rights.

In addition, you are entitled to file a complaint regarding VSB’s processing of your personal data with the Swedish Data Protection Authority, visit

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Please note that the terms and conditions of the privacy policy may change. In such cases, the new version will be published on VSB’s website. You should therefore review these terms and conditions on a regular basis to make sure you are satisfied with the changes. However, in the event of alterations to material, we will email you regarding any changes made, providing you have notified us of your email address.

If the changes concern the personal data processing that we perform on the basis of your consent, we will give you the option to give your consent again.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about VSB’s personal data processing or want to exercise your rights, please contact VSB’s GDPR officer. Call our customer support on +46(0)33-23 03 03 and ask for the GDPR officer at the company or send an email to med attention GDPR-ansvarig.

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