Environmentally friendly packaging

A step along the way

Our goal is to choose a path that allows us to leave as few environmental footprints as possible behind us. An important role in achieving this goal is reviewing and continuously updating our packaging. By choosing the most environmentally friendly packaging material available on the market, and by choosing recycled plastic in cases where plastic is used, we move a few steps closer.


VSB currently packs the majority of its screws in cardboard packages manufactured of Miniwell. The fact that we use cardboard boxes is of course nothing new, it is something we have always done. It is part of a conscious strategy – for the sake of the environment. Choosing packaging made of paper is the best option from an environmental point of view. The renewable source of the material, as well as a final product that is completely recyclable, makes paper-based packaging one of the most environmentally friendly packaging options around. We let RISE conduct a comparative life-cycle analysis (RISE 7PO5577) of our paper packaging and our plastic packaging as our goal was to make the plastic packaging as environmentally friendly as possible. Despite the use of recycled plastic, it was revealed that the environmental impact of the plastic packaging was much higher than the paper packaging.


All cardboard packaging is made from FSC-labeled miniwell with windows in cellulose material. It makes the whole package recycled as corrugated cardboard.
By continuously working on a high degree of filling, we have eliminated unnecessary air trapped in the packaging. As a bonus, this not only gives a positive boost in the shop and for the customer; the environment also benefits from the reduction in transport and material consumption. Our corrugated packaging is also delivered unfolded (flat), which means that we get a large number delivered on the same pallet. We pack virtually all screws ourselves in Brämhult, it allows us to be flexible and gives us the opportunity to ensure the quality of our packaging.


For our external product range

We have developed a plastic package for some of the items in our external product range. To reduce the environmental impact of the packaging, it is made from 70% recycled plastic.

The plastic packaging is also space-optimised, with a high degree of filling to minimise air in the package.

Like Miniwell, one useful feature of these packages is that they are delivered flat to our warehouse and expanded in the packing machine. This means that we avoid paying to transport air on our roads.

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