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And how they help you find the right product

Packaging is a story unto itself, something you want to work without having to think about it – preferably in a functional, user-friendly and environmentally friendly manner! We may as well say it: to achieve this goal, we have spent an inordinate amount of time simply thinking about packaging. Which means you don’t have to!

Most items are packed in Miniwell

Most packages from VSB are manufactured from FSC-labelled Miniwell. The package has a practical window in the lid which allows you to clearly see what screw it contains. The window is made of cellulose material, which makes the entire packaging recyclable as corrugated cardboard. A stable base makes it easy to stack on shelves without any screws protruding. Clear colour coding makes it easy to identify the right package. And yes, it looks great too! By continuously working on a high degree of filling, we have eliminated unnecessary air trapped in the packaging. As a bonus, this not only gives a positive boost in the shop and for the customer; the environment also benefits from the reduction in transport and material consumption. Our corrugated packaging is also delivered unfolded (flat), which means that we get a large number delivered on the same pallet. We pack virtually all screws ourselves in Brämhult, it allows us to be flexible and gives us the opportunity to ensure the quality of our packaging.
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It could not be easier to make sure you can tell which screw is in the carton.
The window is also made of a cellulose-based material which allows the entire package to be recycled as corrugated cardboard.

QR code

You can access our website by simply scanning the code on the label. Here you will find all the information available about each screw.


VSB packages and labels are colour-coded. The colour codes make it easy to quickly find what you are looking for. Each colour is linked to a specific product group: red belongs to chipboard screws, green to drywall screws, etc.

Clear label

With photos and clearly printed text on the label, it is easy to see what the pack contains. It is simply easier to find the right screw!

Larger text

In order for the most relevant information on the label, such as dimension and number, to be as clear as possible, these have been given a larger size.

Environmental packaging

Paper is the best packaging material from an environmental perspective. It is made from renewable materials and is easy to recycle. The rapid decomposition of paper packaging also reduces litter in our environment.

Colour-coded packaging

Makes it easier to find on the shelf

To make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for, we pack the bulk of all screws and attachments in colour-coded packaging.
Each colour is linked to a specific product group. The coding makes it easy to see where the decking screws are stocked, or perhaps where to find chipboard screws. Decking screws come in yellow packages while chipboard screws are packed in red, etc. Similarly, the labels have the same colour-coded structure.

Jetting Screws, VSB’s wood screw family, also come in colour-coded packages. They have their very own graphic profile that makes them easy to distinguish from other screws on the shelf.

Easier for both customers and staff!  

What do you need to know?

You can find all you need to know on the label

The label only has the most important information about the screw, which makes it simple and easy to read.

In addition to the most obvious information, such as diameter, length, surface treatment and number of screws in the package, you will also find information about which bits to use. You will find batch and item numbers, but perhaps best of all, you will also find a QR code.

This allows you to learn all the information about each screw directly on your smartphone. For example, you can see the material the screw is made of and its intended application, the other screw sizes we stock, product data sheets, performance declaration, safety data sheet, construction product declaration, type approval, environmental product declaration etc. In some cases, we also have instructional videos demonstrating application and important considerations when using the product. Great, right?

Recycled plastic package

For our external product range

We have developed a plastic package for some of the items in our external product range. The packaging is weatherproof and designed to counteract the condensation that can accumulate in plastic packages. Small holes in the base allow air to circulate and any moisture to dry out. The transparent lid makes it easy to see what screw the package contains.

To reduce the environmental impact of the packaging, it is made from 70% recycled plastic. The plastic packaging is also space-optimised, with a high degree of filling to minimise air in the package. Like Miniwell, one useful feature of these packages is that they are delivered flat to our warehouse and expanded in the packing machine. This means that we avoid paying to transport air on our roads.

<br />The Bygglådan is packaging harmony

The Bygglådan is packaging harmony

VSB’s packaging is tailored to work together not just on shop shelves, but also in our storage case. With the help of the Bygglådan you ensure oversight and an organised product range. You save time while simultaneously reducing any unnecessary irritation!

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Packaging for professionals

Improved opening function for our large boxes.

Our practical large box with a convenient carrying handle has a new design that makes it easier to open. This package has also been optimised in size and is easier to carry, if that’s possible!

Plastic tub

When inserting a large number of screws.

We also have a plastic tub which is handy when you need to insert a lot of screws, such as with decking. In our tub you will find, besides decking screws, some items including external Jetting Screws, farmer screws, angle bracket screws and drywall screws.

The tub is ideal for use as a refill pack!

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Easier unpacking

Easy unpacking with our mother boxes.

The screw packages are packed and shipped from VSB in what we call mother boxes, which protect the cartons during transport. The mother boxes are marked with a specific label containing a unique EAN code, and the total amount of screws in each mother box.

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