Say hello to our new improved tub!

The new tub has a smart design and is practical when handling a lot of screws, for example, when laying decking. The lid, which is fitted directly to the tub, is easy to open and reseal. This means that picking screws is smooth, you don´t have to remove the whole lid. The lid´s transparent material makes it easy to see which screw the pack contains.
The tub also benefits from space optimisation, with a high degree of filling to minimise air in the package. The square shape means less shipments and allows for more screws over smaller surfaces out in the shop.

By the way, did we mention that it works excellently as a refill pack?

Pack of recycled plastic

To reduce the environmental impact of the pack, the bottom section of the tub which represents 70% of the packaging, is manufactured of recycled plastic. Production takes place locally outside of Borås in Sweden. A useful feature with these packages is that they are delivered flat to our warehouse, and are expanded in the packing machine. This means that we avoid transporting fresh air on our roads.


  • Space-optimised design takes up less space during transport and gives more screw over a smallersurface in the shop.
  • excellent as refill pack.
  • Base section of recycled plastic.


Our new tub has a base section made
of recycled plastic. The tub is manufactured locally just outside Borås.


The lid is easy to open and reseal. Picking screws from the tub is easy without having to remove the whole

carrying handle

User friendly carrying handle makes moving the tub simple.

  • Information material

    You can order the information material you are interested in here. It will be delivered by post within a few days.