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Our biggest investment in media so far

A big “Hello” to you all at the beginning of this new decade! We’d also like to say a big “Hello” to Anders Öfvergård, VSB’s new ambassador. With the help of Anders and our biggest  investment in media to date, we’re increasing our media presence to be more visible thanever before. See you soon!

Tips from Anders

Tips from Anders

Follow Anders as he visits various construction sites and gives craftsmen tips about the benefits and smart features of VSB's screws. He'll surely have some useful tips for you too. You can find the videos on VSB's website and on YouTube.

Anders, our new ambassador

Most Swedish people know Anders from his angry outbursts on the ‘Arga snickaren’ TV programme. But anyone who really knows Anders knows that he isn’t really angry, he’s just a committed and knowledgeable carpenter. And most of all he’s nice! Anders Öfvergård is VSB’s ambassador for 2020. We’re feeling inspired and a little nervous. He has indeed done twelve seasons of the home improvement TV programme ‘Arga snickaren’. We believe that with his experience, Anders will view our screws and VSB constructively (and hopefully not get too angry). We think it will be really enjoyable and are looking forward to stimulating conversations and a fun collaboration. As well as in ‘Anders tipsar’, VSB will feature in the TV4 programme ‘Anders knackar på’, a series where Anders visits famous Swedish people and helps them with their DIY projects.

"So, what do you know about vsb, anders?"

– I’ve worked with VSB’s screws for over 30 years and they have always delivered good quality. Above all, they have focused mainly on custom developing new types of screws based on what we carpenters need.
What made you want to collaborate with VSB?
– I’m looking forward to working with VSB very much, to developing new things and getting as many people as possible to open their eyes to VSB’s incredible range. A screw isn’t just a screw!
Have you got any news to share with us already?
– I hope we’ll reduce some of the sources of irritation for users and make it even easier to just use VSB. There’s going to be a new decking screw that will work its magic on all the decks being built this spring. There’s also a ‘set screw’ that will make exterior wood panelling jobs so much easier.

We’re focusing on becoming more visible

In addition to the collaboration with Anders, VSB will be more visible in 2020 with the help of a broad media mix. This includes product placement in the TV programme ‘Anders knackar på’ and the sponsorship of sports events on SVT Sport, pitch-side advertising during Allsvenskan football matches, and rink-side advertising in the SHL during their regular ice hockey games and play-offs. We will also be featured on the radio station Rockklassiker, as well as in advertising in selected trade press and digital channels.  Our target group is men in the 25-59 age group.

Media plan



VSB are a product-oriented company. Since the company was founded in 1984, we have worked intensively on product development with the goal of labour-saving innovations, for example reducing the time it takes to tighten a screw. Products are always developed with the professional user in mind. Of course, they also need to be user-friendly and contribute to a good end result.



Own standard

VSB’s range consists largely of mass-produced products for which there are no industry standards. To ensure a uniform and high quality, we have developed our own standards and specifications that regulate production. An example is our high demands on fast drilling times for screws in steel structures. The standards regulate specifications including the length of the thread, the thread pitch, the depth of the bit groove, the thickness of the surface treatments and the finishing of screws, etc. All our products are documented in blueprints that we ourselves have produced. We always focus on high quality.

Multiple step quality control

In order to ensure compliance with our internal requirements, we have built up a multiple step quality control process. We carry out the first quality controls at our production partner’s facilities, where threads, bit grooves, finishes and surface treatments are checked during and after production. When the screws arrive at our warehouse in Brämhult, we do a delivery check where we once again check the screws against all our specifications. We do this to ensure that we always deliver the highest-quality products. Before the products are placed on the market, screw tests and reality-based function tests are also carried out where, for example, all collated screws are tested in collated screwdrivers from various manufacturers.

All collated screws are tested in collated screwdrivers from various manufacturers.

"Lars, could you tell us about what’s happening in the future?"

– We’re now looking forward to the launch of our new problem-solving board screws. The screw facilitates and ensures stable installation in a board which today is labour-intensive, and also creates a lot of finishing work, which in itself is a big time drain.

Innovative screws for hard boards

Being the product-oriented company VSB is, we constantly have new products in various stages of development and in the process of being launched onto the market. In 2020, we will present several new product innovations. For example, after an extensive development process where we tested various designs and made a number of test productions over a long period of time, we have been able to launch a new screw for hard boards. The screw facilitates and ensures stable installation and creates a high finish with a reduced risk of needing additional finishing. All this for a board that today is labour-intensive to install, with lots of problems to achieve a stable installation, and which also creates a lot of finishing work, which in itself is a big time drain.

More new products in 2020

In 2020, a new screw will also be available for mounting exterior wooden panels. It ensures an aesthetic and safe installation in the most challenging environments. A brand new decking screw will also be launched during the year with some new features. It assures neat installation and minimises the risk of the board cracking and splinters appearing. Yes, 2020 is going to be an interesting and exciting year for new products.


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