Lightweight concrete anchor

  • Function: Robust metal attachment for heavy installation in porous materials such as lightweight concrete and tiles. The attachment has a square profile that prevents rotation in porous material.
  • Material: Steel.
  • Coating: Zinc-plated 5 my, for indoor use.
  • Installation instructions: Drill a hole adapted to suit the size of the anchor as shown in the table below. In very porous material, the smaller hole is drilled according to the table, and for larger material a larger hole is drilled. Now fit the lightweight concrete anchor by knocking it into the hole using a hammer. The fastening is then fitted with the screw that is adapted to suit the anchor as shown in the table below. The length of the screw should be about 5 mm longer than the anchor and attachment together.
Unit Guide
D Diameter
D1 Outer diameter
G Thread length
H Head diameter
L Length
M Thickness
MB Mother box
Drill cap. mm Drill capacity mm
Max comp. thick. app. mm Max component thickness application mm
Min. drill depth mm Minimum drill depth mm
Screw dim. mm Screw dimension mm
Surface treat. Surface treatment
D L Min. drill depth mm Drill mm Screw dim. mm Quantity Pack. MB
6 32 40 5-6 5,0-6,0 376032 200 Packaging 12
6 32 40 5-6 5,0-6,0 SB376032 8 Pack 10
8 60 70 6-8 6,0-8,0 378060 50 Packaging 12
8 60 70 6-8 6,0-8,0 SB378060 5 Pack 10
10 60 70 8-10 8,0-10,0 371060 50 Packaging 12
10 60 70 8-10 8,0-10,0 SB371060 4 Pack 10
NOTE: Packs are only sold in multiples of ten.
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