Thonic tc-vm wet room

  • Function: Thonic tc-vm is an inspection hatch for wet rooms fitted with a surface mounted frame. Installation is very quick as the fastening plates are pre-assembled and knocked out with a hammer behind the first drywall board or between the drywall boards when installed in double drywall. The hatch comes in standard size from 150 x 150 to 400 x 400 mm. Thonic tc-vm is delivered white painted, NCS S 0502-Y. The hatch is fitted with a countersunk drive lock. When installing in roofs, we recommend that the hatch is fitted with a wire guard tc-vs. Thonic tc-vm can be customised with other sizes, in any colour or with optional accessories such as wire guard, a range of lock models, etc.
Unit Guide
D Diameter
D1 Outer diameter
G Thread length
H Head diameter
L Length
M Thickness
MB Mother box
Drill cap. mm Drill capacity mm
Max comp. thick. app. mm Max component thickness application mm
Min. drill depth mm Minimum drill depth mm
Screw dim. mm Screw dimension mm
Surface treat. Surface treatment
Hole making measurements Frame external dimensions Light dimensions Number of fixing pads Locking Quantity
150 x 150 190 x 190 113 x 113 4 Driver lock 4615 1
200 x 200 240 x 240 163 x 163 4 Driver lock 4620 1
300 x 300 340 x 340 263 x 263 4 Driver lock 4630 1
400 x 400 440 x 440 363 x 363 8 Driver lock 4640 1
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