Collated decking screw (A2 stainless steel) for wood stud

  • Function: Sharp tip and threads adapted for anchoring in wood. The threads grip immediately and tighten the screw to the decking, while the grooves underneath the head sink the screw. The screw also has a cutting drill tip to prevent cracks forming in the wood. Suitable for installation of decking, balconies, fences etc.
  • Track type bit: Philips 2.
  • Material: Stainless steel (A2).
  • Installation instructions: A power screwdriver with a speed of 2,000-3,000 rpm are recommended, recessed head approx 2mm.
  • Sizing: About 30 pcs/m².
Unit Guide
D Diameter
D1 Outer diameter
G Thread length
H Head diameter
L Length
M Thickness
MB Mother box
Drill cap. mm Drill capacity mm
Max comp. thick. app. mm Max component thickness application mm
Min. drill depth mm Minimum drill depth mm
Screw dim. mm Screw dimension mm
Surface treat. Surface treatment
D L G Max comp. thick. app. mm E-number Quantity Pack. MB
4.2 41 22 22 RB341 1000 Packaging 10
4.2 51 22 28 RB351 1000 Packaging 8
4.2 55 24 28 RB355 1000 Packaging 8
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