Façade plug KE

  • Function: Solid nylon plug with good temperature and ageing properties. The façade plug design prevents any rotation when installing and allows for targeted anchoring.
  • Track type bit: TX 25.
  • Material: Plug of nylon and screw of steel.
  • Coating: Zinc-plated 5 my, for indoor use.
  • Installation instructions: Drill a hole adapted to suit the size of the façade plug as shown in the table below. Now push the façade plug into the hole until the collar is firmly flush to the fastener. Now screw the screw into the façade plug.
Unit Guide
D Diameter
D1 Outer diameter
G Thread length
H Head diameter
L Length
M Thickness
MB Mother box
Drill cap. mm Drill capacity mm
Max comp. thick. app. mm Max component thickness application mm
Min. drill depth mm Minimum drill depth mm
Screw dim. mm Screw dimension mm
Surface treat. Surface treatment
D L Bits/Socket Max comp. thick. app. mm Drill mm Art.no Quantity Pack. MB
8 60 25 20 8 358060 50 Packaging 12
8 80 25 40 8 358080 50 Packaging 8
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